Todd I. Gordon is a filmmaker in his 60s based in Westchester County, New York.

Todd spent much of his adult life practicing entertainment law and managing complex web development projects for a large media company. A few years ago, he began writing screenplays, with a particular focus on adapting unfairly obscure or forgotten novels, which were the only ones to which he could afford the rights. Todd’s first feature script won two screenwriting competitions and, more importantly, revived the spirits of a writer who thought he had been forgotten by the world.

More recently, Todd has pivoted to short films to pursue more collaborative projects. “Pianoforte,” a short narrative film that he wrote and produced, was released in 2018 and was an official selection of two international film festivals in the United States. “Old Hen,” which he also wrote and produced, is his first foray into directing.

Samba Filmworks was founded in 2016 by Todd Gordon and Susan Feder to produce independent, narrative films with high production values that deal primarily with social issues and are inhabited by characters enduring psychological turmoil.