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Henry, a septuagenarian cross-dresser, finds his life abruptly changed when Dolores, his long-time co-worker and closest friend, suddenly dies, forcing him to come to terms with losing the only person who truly accepts his cross-dressing.


Henry, an older man working in a city government office, has developed a warm, intimate relationship over many years with Dolores, his co-worker and best friend. With Dolores’s support, Henry has been brave enough to express his need to cross- dress, but only within the confines of the office. When Dolores dies suddenly, Henry must not only find a way to mourn his friend despite the hostility of her family, but also decide whether his cross-dressing habit will die with Dolores or prompt him to take the courageous step of cross-dressing outside the cocoon of their office.

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Genre: Drama
Running Time: 14 minutes
Country: USA
All Press Inquiries:
Todd I. Gordon, Director & Executive Producer

Technical Information

Runtime: 14:01


Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Shooting Format: HD 2k
Language: English

Exhibition Format: .MOV, DCP