About the Film


When an anxiety-ridden NYC apartment dweller calms her nerves by playing the piano late at night, little does she realize how hostile her neighbors’ reactions will be, but little do they realize what retribution their incivility might trigger in her.


Recent NYC transplant Lauren calms her fragile nerves by playing the piano late at night in her small apartment. But when she tries to apologize to her neighbors–an older man with a dog and a father with a newborn–she is met with thinly veiled hostility. Their behavior perplexes Lauren and increases her anxiety. But are her perceptions accurate and what is behind her odd purchases at the local hardware store? 

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 15 minutes
Country: USA
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Todd I. Gordon, Executive Producer
[email protected]

Technical Information

Runtime: 14:58


Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

Shooting Format: HD 2k
Language: English

Exhibition Format: .MOV, DCP